Choosing home improvement items for a house in some cases can be easy while others are more difficult to make the right choice. This happens for several reasons. One reason is the style of the room and the lifestyle of the people living in the home. This includes picking the right type of shower enclosure.

Shower Types

There are different bathroom shower types and with each they need different a different kind of shower screen. Then the location of the shower plays a role. One that is an angled shower will need a completely different closure than the square shower. The standing shower will take a different type of closure than a shower located in a bathtub.

Picking the Screen

Choosing the screen once type necessary is determined begins a different kind of search. This search requires some research and thought. The first thing that will be necessary is to take measurements if shopping to see what is available in hardware stores or on the internet. This can familiarize the homeowner with the styles they can make their choice. However, this is a kind of project done by a professional installation company unless the homeowner is experienced in home improvements.

Types of Screens

There are different styles of screen types for each kind of shower whether it is a standalone shower or one located in a bathtub. The styles include:

Framed Glass Enclosures

This glass has a thin metal frame and one of the older kinds of enclosure models. This screen has good points and not so good points. The good points are a reasonable cost and this style will install on a bathtub. It can replace the use of a shower curtain. One large good point is this type of enclosure is generally watertight. However, it has downfalls, since the metal frame can be difficult to clean where it meets the glass. Another issue can be the seams can trap water, which can result in mildew and mold. It all depends if you have the right poeple with the special training they might need.

Frameless Glass Enclosure

A modern bathroom is where the frameless glass enclosure will be the right fit or the remodel to update the shower. This is made of tempered glass and has hardware that remains unseen and more costly than a framed enclosure. The enclosure has no metal frame, which means it does not seal the same as the framed glass enclosure. This enclosure requires a large shower stall, or in smaller showers, the showerhead points away from the closure to avoid possible water leaking.

Semi-Frameless Enclosure

The semi-frameless shower enclosure is less expensive than the frameless enclosure. This enclosure still has a modern appearance. In certain situations, it is a good choice since the frameless screen weight may not work for some showers and the partial frame can lower the weight. Yet, the enclosure will not have the mildew or mold issues as a full framed enclosure.

Hinged Shower Enclosure

This screen has a modern appearance and fits perfect in a contemporary bathroom. The hinged enclosure can take room and not a good choice for a smaller bathroom. This can give an open feeling and allows light into the shower.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

This is a cubical shaped enclosure perfect for a small bathroom with a standalone shower. The screen is curved so it can be placed in a corner.

Enclosure Doors

The doors of the shower enclosure, is another choice with these screens that need consideration. There are several types including:

Sliding Shower Doors

The sliding shower doors are a choice seen on the bathtub enclosure. This is a choice for a small bathroom since it is a space saver. It will save space when exiting the shower and they come in clear glass or frosted glass for use on a bathtub.

Pivoting Shower Doors

The pivoting shower doors are the most common type of doors. They have the option of being semi-framed or a full frame. The frame type may depend whether the bathroom is home to children since the full frame would offer extra strength. These doors can be made to open to the left, right or center making it perfect for different shower setups.

Door Placement Choices

The type of door and the way it opens should be a consideration when deciding on a shower screen. Showers positioned in the center of a wall, a corner, or in the bathtub. The way the door opens makes a difference especially if the bathroom is small. The shower that is in the center of a wall the homeowner needs to take into consideration the layout of the bathroom. This consideration might need consideration for the corner shower also, for the door open position. Since, the doors can open right or left it can avoid obstructions and ease of use.

Tips for Picking the Right Enclosure for Your Bathroom

After reviewing the choices available for enclosures and doors, a few tips can help to provide information to make a good choice in picking out a shower enclosure.

  1. The bathroom size and location of the shower must be the focus when purchasing a new enclosure since this is a fixture that is not portable. Consideration about the doors is also important since they will need to open when entering and exiting the shower. In smaller baths with a small shower space, a clear glass shower enclosure without a frame can fit. The clear glass can also give an appearance of a larger bathroom.
  2. Another consideration is the budget amount, since a frameless enclosure is more costly than a framed enclosure. The one factor not to consider is compromising on quality, as this is a long-term project.
  3. Easy maintenance and cleaning is another factor to consider. Frameless enclosures or semi-framed ones are easier to clean than a full framed shower screen.
  4. The glass should be high quality that meets current safety standards. This glass will hold up without cracking or breaking.
  5. A professional for installation of the shower enclosure they can provide helpful information on the right type for your shower and bathroom size.

Make sure you recycle all the glass for the planet!